Providing assistance to a worker who is at risk of losing their job due to injury, illness or disability.

The Job in Jeopardy assistance program is a free service available to any worker who is at risk of losing their job due to injury, illness or disability. It is a personalised service, delivered by experienced employment consultants from IPAR’s two Disability Employment Services offices located in Strathpine and Fortitude Valley, Queensland.

The Job in Jeopardy program is not designed to help a worker find another job. Rather, it provides support and guidance to a worker, and identifies potential modifications to work tasks, workstations and equipment in order to keep that worker at their current job. It ultimately helps a person to remain at their job and assists employers to retain valuable staff rather than go through the time and cost of hiring and training someone new.

Job in Jeopardy assistance can include:

  • Personalised support to the worker for up to 6 months
  • A workplace assessment to identify any workstation, duties or equipment changes that would make it easier for the worker to complete their job
  • Funded specialised equipment through IPAR and the Disability Employment Services Scheme
  • Assistance with retraining if needed
  • Access to occupational therapy services to ensure any changes are sustainable for the future

Eligibility for Job in Jeopardy Assistance

To be eligible for Job in Jeopardy Assistance, the worker must be an Australian resident, aged 14 -65 years, and have been employed for at least eight hours a week on average over the last 13 weeks.

The worker will have a health or medical condition, whether physical or psychological, which impacts their ability to do their job and places them at risk of losing their job.

Accessing Job in Jeopardy Assistance with IPAR

Job in Jeopardy assistance is available through direct registration with IPAR’s Disability Employment Services offices at Strathpine and Fortitude Valley, Queensland. You do not need a referral to access this service.

To register, or for further information, please phone 07 3253 5000 or email You can also download a copy of our Job in Jeopardy Brochure.