ARPA Victoria Award Winner!

IPAR consultant Thi Tran was named the winner of the Best New Starter – New Employer Services category at the ARPA Victoria Excellence in Workplace Rehabilitation Awards 2014 on Friday night.

Thi was one of three finalists in the category, which IPAR has now won three out of the last four years (2011, 2012 and 2014).

Upon commencing with IPAR, Thi was given a particularly challenging portfolio with the majority of her job seeking clients experiencing multiple barriers to return to work. Despite being new to the industry, Thi utilised her risk management training, her strong problem-solving skills and consulted with her Psychologist-peers, to expertly handle situations and result in clients receiving timely and appropriate support and treatment.

Thi’s ability to assess an individual’s level of health literacy, language skills, and education during their initial meetings enables her to tailor her approach appropriately, and quickly build rapport and generate trust. Her influencing skills are superior, motivating clients to return to work and gaining treater support for employment goals.

Congratulations to Thi on this well deserved award and to all IPAR finalists on the night.