Maximising your potential in our workplace.

Our people are our most valuable asset and we recognise the profound impact that they have on our business. There are 5 core components that support your development and career at IPAR:


IPAR has a thorough and comprehensive induction program to ensure that you gain the knowledge required to do your job and to support your professional development. This is coupled with our ‘buddy’ program to ensure a smooth introduction to your career at IPAR.

Managing for Excellence

IPAR’s Managing for Excellence Program (MfE) incorporates practices and procedures designed to enable you to manage your career whilst contributing to the overall success of the business. It involves the formulation of objectives and career development goals, self-management of performance and progress, and incorporates guidance and support from your manager as well as a strong focus on identification of professional development opportunities.

Professional Development Pathway

Once you have mastered the fundamentals of your role, IPAR will continue to invest in building your skills and career via IPAR’s professional development pathway (PDP). Your PDP is an individual plan mapping out training, coaching, and new challenges to enhance your career development. You PDP plan is intricately linked with the MfE review process and aims to assist you to meet your MfE goals. Some of the internally and externally facilitated professional development opportunities include cultural awareness, motivational interviewing, dealing with aggressive clients and ADL assessment training for Occupational Therapists.

Lunch n’ Learns

Facilitated by consultants for consultants, Lunch n’ Learns enable expertise sharing amongst team members across topics such as the health benefits of Return to Work, chronic pain management and time management tips.

Maximising Leadership Potential

This best practice leadership program provides a curriculum of modules to support you as you transition in a leadership position and as your leadership responsibilities grow. As you move through your IPAR career journey, you will be given the opportunity to develop the skills and competencies required to be an exceptional business leader.