Our recruitment process is designed to tap into the ‘best’ you, to ensure that you are matched with the right role and to provide you with as much information as possible to make the right career choice.

Our average recruitment process takes 3 weeks from when we advertise a role through to when we finalise our offer of employment. We advertise our vacancies on line through various job boards, social media sites and our website.

  • Step 1 – The Application

    We welcome receipt of your resume with a covering letter detailing why you are interested in the role you have applied for and why you are keen to join IPAR. Details of your qualifications and any relevant professional registrations are vital for us to ensure you are matched with the best fit role.

  • Step 2 – Application Review

    Each role at IPAR has a number of defined competencies that are required to be successful. These competencies are used to determine the screening criteria for each role. There are also set requirements for some roles, such as a current drivers licence and professional registration.

  • Step 3 – Telephone Introduction

    If your application meets the core requirements for a role at IPAR, our recruitment co-ordinator will be in contact for an initial conversation, confirming the details of your application and providing a brief overview of the role and IPAR. From here, a short list of applications is provided to the appropriate leader for review, further to which an interview is scheduled.

  • Step 4 – The Interview

    The interview process is a chance for us to talk you through the role and the opportunities it offers. We will discuss your skills, technical knowledge and suitability for the position. We are also keen to answer your questions at this time.

    Interviews are often with two leaders from the business and the number of interviews will vary depending on the role. Due to our vast network of offices across Australia, initial interviews can occasionally be held via video conference or Skype.

  • Step 5 – Reference and Pre-employment Checks

    Following the interview process, if we are wishing to progress to the final stage of the recruitment process, then pre-employment checks are conducted. These include employment references, professional qualification and/or registration confirmation, and background checks if required.

  • Step 6 – Offer of Employment

    If successful you will receive a verbal offer of employment followed by a letter of employment and employment agreement. This will initially be emailed to you and followed by a hard copy in the mail. IPAR’s national recruitment co-ordinator will be in contact to answer any questions you may have regarding the offer and induction process.