Psychological Awareness Training at the ATO

IPAR has been selected as the provider of national Psychological Awareness Training for several thousand employees of the ATO. The face-to-face training program, from IPAR’s ‘Healthy Mind’ package, has been underway in May and June 2015 across 18 sites around Australia.

So far, our experts have presented to more than 1,500 ATO employees and managers, covering topics such as:

  • The concept of stress and the relevant risk factors
  • How to recognise the personal signs and symptoms of stress in ourselves and others
  • How to have an effective conversation on stress management with others in the workplace
  • Applying stress reduction principles to help cope with the normal stresses of daily life
  • How to maintain a healthy work life balance

The training has received positive reviews from participants; the practical/engaging nature of the course content has been complemented by the knowledgeable and professional IPAR presenters. Having IPAR presenters located around the country has enabled delivery of sessions across all ATO sites.

For further information on IPAR’s Healthy Mind psychological training and how it can make a positive impact in your workplace, please contact Alana Levin at