Taking a holistic approach to further improve return to work outcomes.

IPAR is at the forefront of innovative service delivery and the latest best-practice approaches. Our early adoption of a biopsychosocial model for rehabilitation – one which takes into account the biomedical, psychological and social factors that impact recovery – is another example of how we seek to further improve return to work outcomes for our clients and customers.

Positivum™ online biopsychosocial assessment and health coaching program

IPAR - Positivum Logo - MOO15058As part of our initial rehabilitation assessment, we utilise an online assessment to measure a client’s beliefs and perceptions around health and work – Positivum. Positivum has been developed by IPAR in conjunction with Monash University, to provide insights into the biopsychosocial factors impacting a client’s condition. The assessment and subsequent report enables IPAR and treating practitioners to assist the client gain optimal function, independence and work capacity.

Using the Positivum assessment findings, our consultants formulate a management plan aimed at addressing the factors and achieving a timely Return to Work. This may include a health coaching program which is tailored to provide the knowledge and strategies necessary to meet the individual client’s needs. The health coaching program is the result of extensive research and rehabilitation practice, and is built upon the therapies of behaviour change and principles of adult learning.