Supporting individuals with multiple barriers make a return to work.

Many employers have a cohort of workers who have long term injuries and long duration claims. Each of these workers lack the capacity to perform the duties for which they were employed and are either not at work or on long term modified duties. The workers have a complex mix of issues and multiple barriers to recovery, and current models of vocational rehabilitation are not suitable.

In these instances, IPAR provides a highly personalised career coaching service. Delivered by a carefully selected consultant who remains a constant throughout the process, the coaching service provides significant mentoring and support to the worker, while investing time and energy to change negative perceptions and behaviours.

Key to achieving an outcome is the focus on the individual worker and their intrinsic motivations toward returning to work. IPAR utilises a number of tools and approaches to achieve this, including:

  • Health coaching
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Pain management education
  • Goal setting
  • Communication skills.

This is a unique service model, which takes time and repetition. IPAR utilises a specialist group of consultants to take on the role of career coach and provides them with significant support to ensure optimal outcomes.