We value and encourage innovation, challenging ourselves to find more effective solutions in everything we do.

Since commencing in 2003, IPAR has led the way in the provision of high quality occupational rehabilitation and injury prevention services. We pioneered the use of outcome focused service and fee models, and continue to develop innovative service approaches based on current literature and research. Having started within the New Employer area and quickly expanding to Original Employer Services, we are now expanding rapidly in the Life Insurance sector and are a highly rated new entrant within Disability Employment Services.

Always looking for new ways of doing things and ways to improve our service offering, we seek out evidence to support enhancements to our service models. We promote the health benefits of work through everything we do, and use it to leverage our industry leading return to work results. We were an early adopter of the biopsychosocial model for rehabilitation, with our consultants trained in assessing and addressing relevant biopsychosocial factors.

We utilise best practice approaches to assessing and addressing barriers to recovery and returning to work:

  • We have a strategic partnership with Monash University which has enabled an evidence based IPAR questionnaire – Positivum – to be developed and evaluated. Completed online, the Positivum questionnaire assesses an individual’s beliefs and perceptions about health and work, and their expectations around recovery and returning to work.
  • Our innovative approach to the management of those with long term work absences integrates biopsychosocial assessment, health coaching and self-management, vocational counselling and job seeking support.
  • We have developed a unique service offering which focuses on understanding and supporting the development of positive beliefs and perceptions about health and working.

IPAR’s thought leaders are regular attendees and presenters at industry conferences, including Comcare Conference 2014, Australian Long-term Unemployment Conference 2015, . Our research and findings have been accepted for publication in conference proceedings at the Australian Long Term Unemployment Conference and we have been published in the British Journal of Occupational Therapy special issue on vocational rehabilitation.

We continue to improve and innovate with a dedicated National Manager for Research and Innovation, who is also the recipient . Our thought leadership is shared with our customers and the broader industry through speaking engagements, industry conferences and regular IPAR breakfast forums held across Australia.

IPAR is passionate about building a research base which provides objective evidence of the benefits of occupational rehabilitation and is currently participating in a number of research projects.