What to expect

In your initial conversation with your consultant, you will discuss whether your appointment will be a face-to-face or via telehealth.

If you participate in a telehealth appointment, you will receive the same service as you would via a face-to-face appointment.

The telehealth appointment will generally take place via video through a specific video conferencing platform. In the event that we cannot use a video conference platform, your appointment will be conducted via the phone.

Every telehealth appointment will follow the same format as a face-to-face appointment. For example, each assessment will involve a discussion component – which will be led by your consultant – in which you will be provided with information, have the purpose of the referral explained to you, and learn about the role of IPAR and your consultant throughout the service.

The consultant will also obtain information from you about your injury, treatment and where relevant, your employment. Some appointments may require a tour of your house or your workplace, so that your consultant can ensure your safety as you recover. If this is required, your consultant will ask you to walk around with your phone or tablet so we can obtain the information we need.

At the end of the appointment your consultant will clearly outline what the next steps in your rehabilitation will involve.

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