Customised and consistent end-to-end solutions for our customers…

Our injury prevention services focus on practical, cost effective and efficient solutions that reduce workplace risk. When injuries do occur, IPAR works collaboratively with the injured individual, insurers, claims agents, employers and treating practitioners to optimise return to work outcomes.

Return to Work

At IPAR, we see Return to Work as an emergency. The early identification of risks and barriers is paramount. We use a number of validated and proven approaches to risk assessment, which then guide our Return to Work planning.


Injury Prevention

IPAR has invested extensively in the design and development of proven injury prevention programs. We can assist in ensuring that your workplace is able to adapt to your employees rather than making them adapt to the workplace.


Life Insurance

IPAR understands Life Insurance and the differences between life insurance products and other types of disability insurance. We respond with a range of services tailored specifically to the needs of our customers.


Disability Employment Services

We were delighted to be the only new entrant to the Disability Employment Services sector in 2015. We provide these services from three locations in the Brisbane metropolitan area.


Employer Direct Services

Our employer direct division, Cogent Thinking, was established in response to feedback from employers, specifically how difficult and complex they find the injury and claims management processes of their business.