Webinar - Work and Health in the Age of COVID-19

Webinar – Work and Health in the Age of COVID-19

Workplaces across Australia and the world have been impacted by COVID-19. Many people have had to quickly shift to working remotely. Others in essential services remained at work following strict protocols to ensure everyone’s safety. And a large segment of the workforce have experienced a reduction in their employment or have been stood down from their position.

Experts from mlcoa, IPAR and Cogent Thinking have come together to present a free webinar – Work and Health in the Age of COVID-19. The webinar will explore how the global pandemic has affected our health and wellbeing, whether we are fit to return to work as we knew it, or have we and our workplaces changed for the foreseeable future.

This interactive panel discussion will be presented by Dr Kevin O’Daly, Psychiatrist from mlcoa, with guest speakers Josephine Piccolo, Occupational Psychologist from IPAR, and Alistair Jackson, Customer Experience Specialist from Cogent Thinking. These experts will provide their insights on COVID-19’s impact on individuals and the workplace, plus share strategies on how to look after yourselves, and support your teams and the cases you are managing through these unprecedented times.

There will be the opportunity to ask questions throughout the session, or you can submit a query beforehand via the webinar registration page. We look forward to you joining us.

Work and Health in the Age of COVID-19

Date: Wednesday, 29 July 2020


12.00pm to 1.00pm     – Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania & Victoria

11.30am to 12.30pm    – Northern Territory & South Australia

10.00am to 11.00am    – Western Australia

To register: please click here

Woman on video conferencing call while working from home

Home Ergonomics Support and Training to Work Safely from Home

As more and more people are working from home across Australia, employers are seeking easily accessible home ergonomics support and training for their employees on how to create a safe, comfortable and appropriate work environment.

Whether a team member needs a one-on-one home ergonomic assessment, or a whole team of people need virtual home ergonomics training, IPAR is ready to assist.

One-on-one Home Ergonomic Assessment

The home ergonomic assessment is a 30-minute phone or Skype consultation between the team member and one of IPAR’s Allied Health Professionals. Working through a thorough home ergonomic checklist, the consultation assesses and addresses risks factors in the home environment and provides practical advice on work station set up, accessories, tasks and duties.

Strong4Life™ Virtual Home Ergonomic Training

The virtual home ergonomics training is conducted by one of IPAR’s Strong4Life™ trainers via video conferencing technology. Available to up to 10 team members at a time, the training covers ergonomic strategies and principles that participants can implement in their own home, for a comfortable set up with their own equipment.

To learn more or to make a booking, please link in with Aaron Bowes or email rehab@ipar.com.au. Or to find the IPAR office located closest to you, please refer to our office locator.

IPAR Continues Career Transition Assistance for ADF in 2017/18

IPAR’s work in assisting military personnel to make a smooth and successful transition to civilian employment will continue in the new financial year after having their appointment to the Career Transition Assistance Scheme (CTAS) panel for 2017/18 confirmed.

Under the CTAS panel, IPAR delivers the Job Search Preparation Program (JSPP) to Australian Defence Force members who have served less than 18 years. The program aims to support transitioning members gain suitable and sustainable employment that is a right match for the individual.

A key component of the program is upskilling members in the difference between military and civilian roles and organisational structure, and illustrating how the skills learnt in the military can be translated and are of benefit to the civilian working world. Members are empowered and motivated by experienced trainers who are passionate about breaking down employment barriers and seeing successful outcomes for their participants.

JSPP will be provided in all regions across Australia via IPAR’s national office network and we look forward to continuing to add to the impressive program results achieved to date.

For further information on our panel appointment, please contact National Military Account Manager, Alison McIlveen on amcilveen@ipar.com.au or 0448 180 535.

IPAR Wins Contract to Assist ADF Personnel with Career Transition

adftrainingIPAR has been successful in securing a contract with the Australian Defence Force (ADF) to deliver two day training and coaching courses under the Job Search and Preparation Program.

ADF members who are electing to leave the military and have served up to 18 years, can attend the courses and receive appropriate upskilling and coaching to assist with this transition.  The courses are being facilitated by experienced IPAR trainers and offered across 20 locations in all states and territories.

Over two days, members receive education and upskilling opportunities in resume development, application letters, preparation and performance for interviews, and job search strategies and advice.  The course also addresses some of the key differences between military and civilian employment to assist ADF members with their career transitions.

ADF seminar participantsThe courses commenced across Australia in October and already the feedback has been positive. Members have commented on the high quality of the trainers, the high applicability and relevance of the content, and have found the overall experience to be valuable and motivating.

Following the course, an additional two hours of one-to-one coaching can also be requested by ADF members. This extra coaching provides more individually specific job seeking assistance for the member and consolidates the learnings from the course.

The two day training courses are in addition to the Curriculum Vitae Coaching (CVC) and the Career Transition and Management Coaching (CTMC) services which IPAR are also providing to ADF members.

To learn more, please contact Alison McIlveen, National Account Manager, on 07 3253 5000 or amcilveen@ipar.com.au

Psychological Awareness Training at the ATO

IPAR has been selected as the provider of national Psychological Awareness Training for several thousand employees of the ATO. The face-to-face training program, from IPAR’s ‘Healthy Mind’ package, has been underway in May and June 2015 across 18 sites around Australia.

So far, our experts have presented to more than 1,500 ATO employees and managers, covering topics such as:

  • The concept of stress and the relevant risk factors
  • How to recognise the personal signs and symptoms of stress in ourselves and others
  • How to have an effective conversation on stress management with others in the workplace
  • Applying stress reduction principles to help cope with the normal stresses of daily life
  • How to maintain a healthy work life balance

The training has received positive reviews from participants; the practical/engaging nature of the course content has been complemented by the knowledgeable and professional IPAR presenters. Having IPAR presenters located around the country has enabled delivery of sessions across all ATO sites.

For further information on IPAR’s Healthy Mind psychological training and how it can make a positive impact in your workplace, please contact Alana Levin at alevin@ipar.com.au

Easy and secure online shopping for Strong4Life™

Strong4Life_SingleUser-MOO13367 (proof 01)Looking for an easy and secure way to access online manual handling training? Customers can now purchase the e-Learning module of IPAR’s Strong4Life™ Manual Handling training program through the newly launched IPAR online shop.

Available in single and multi-user licences, the eLearning modules are perfect for refresher training or for delivery to large numbers of people across multiple sites. The program content includes 3D animation, assessments and interactive activities, in addition to reading material and downloadable PDF’s. E-learning modules can be accessed anywhere, at anytime, on any device with an Internet connection.

For further information, please view the Strong4Life™ Manual Handling page of this website, or go directly to the shop.

New products join Strong4Life™ suite


IPAR is excited to announce two new modules to the Strong4Life™ injury prevention training suite — Office Ergonomics and Healthy Mind modules.

These new modules join the highly successful Manual Handling program, to offer a total approach to health and wellbeing at home and at work. The Strong4Life™ product suite now promotes a ‘healthy body, healthy mind and healthy workplace.’

Strong4Life™ Office Ergonomics

Developed by IPAR’s ergonomists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists, the Office Ergonomic program empowers participants with the knowledge, skills and tools to identify risk factors within the workplace and to apply ergonomic principles to manage and reduce these risks. Participants learn to recognise the early signs of musculoskeletal stress and how to apply simple principles and tools to stay strong, safe and healthy.

Strong4Life™ Healthy Mind

This program has been developed by our team of psychologists to provide education, guidance, skills and tools to workforce and manager-level participants in the area of mental health and wellbeing. It assists participants to recognise the early signs of mental stress, and to identify risk factors in the workplace that may cause psychological distress. Participants learn strategies to build psychological resilience and to develop effective communication strategies to have the conversation on stress.

For further information on the Strong4Life™ system and how it can deliver a nationally consistent training message for injury prevention in your organisation, please contact Tim Elvery, National Manager – Business Development, on 07 3253 5000.

Virgin Australia takes on Strong4Life Manual Handling Program

Virgin Australia has engaged IPAR to provide Strong4Life Manual Handling Training to the majority of their workforce – some several thousand people. The program incorporates face to face training, train the trainer and eLearning. This is the largest program of its type ever implemented by IPAR and it demonstrates the flexibilty and scalability of our program.


James Roche Manager Group Health & Safety has provided the following comment on the program:

“The Virgin Australia Group, as directed by John Borghetti has committed to ‘20% annual reduction in lost time injuries for all operational divisions’. The focus is Safety First.”

“At Virgin Australia, people are our greatest asset and when it comes to the safety of our team and our guests, there’s no compromise. We operate in environments that present many hazards and risks and manual handling is our most common cause of injury. However, we are committed to continually improving safety, and our commitment to the Strong4life™ manual handling training is one of the many steps we are taking to ensure the health and safety of our team. I am confident that through the Strong4Life™ program  our workforce will learn the skills and techniques to keep safe and well, both at work and also at home.”

To find out more contact us at rehab@ipar.com.au

IPAR Strong4Life Client Experiences 56% reduction in Manual Handling Injuries

WDS Mining services has been rolling out the Strong4Life manual handling system for the last several months as part of a significant effort to reach their goal of zero harm. Read below to see what Gerry Lamb from WDS has to say about the program.

“WDS Mining has partnered with IPAR and Fit4Life in implementing the Strong4Life™ system across all WDS Mining projects in Australia, as one part of our roadmap to zero harm. Our company operates in a difficult and challenging environment heavily reliant upon manual handling activities. With great pride WDS Mining has reported an overall improvement of 56% reduction in injuries in 2010, which results in a safety record that our competitors can only hope to achieve!”
Gerry Lamb, General Manager HSEC, WDS Mining