Provide your team members with the convenience of Occupational Physiotherapy onsite at your business

IPAR’s Onsite Occupational Physiotherapy Service sees our qualified and experienced Physiotherapists work onsite at your business to provide your team members with proactive physiotherapy care and treatment.

Convenient and easy to access, the service is designed to address niggles before they become injuries, and improve the overall health and fitness of your team. As part of an organisation’s overall commitment to workplace health and safety, the Onsite Occupational Physiotherapy Service can help to reduce workplace injuries and compensation claims.

The benefits to your workplace

With an IPAR physiotherapist on site at your workplace, you can:

Treat and resolve injuries before they become serious

Reduce the risk of small niggles leading to WorkCover claims

Prescribe exercise and health education

Quickly identify manual handling risks

How does it work?

Your local IPAR Occupational Physiotherapist will work with you to assess your organisation’s needs and recommend a weekly program for managing worker health and safety. For example, IPAR may recommend one or two (or more) five-hour sessions per week, made up of half hour appointment slots.

The regularly scheduled program will take place in a designated space on your business premises, with team members and supervisors able to sign up at a time that suits them for injury assessment and management. 

While every program is tailored to your organisation, the role types, tasks and work environment, the program may involve:

  • Conducting physiotherapy assessments to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal injuries
  • Consultations for acute and chronic injuries
  • Hands-on manual therapy
  • Exercise therapy for rehabilitation and prevention
  • Assessment and reporting of high-risk tasks
  • Education on injury prevention and management
  • Job Task Analysis

For further information

To learn more about IPAR’s Onsite Occupational Physiotherapy Service and how it can be tailored and implemented in your organisation, please contact Manjot Jassal, Physiotherapist on 0419 727 518 or via