Telehealth Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go to attend my appointment?

If you are participating in a telehealth service, instead of travelling to your appointment, the assessment will be conducted via an online videoconferencing platform from your home or workplace. This platform can be accessed via your phone, tablet or computer.

Which videoconferencing platform do you use?

The videoconferencing platform of choice for IPAR is Microsoft Teams, due to its easy-to-use functionality for our workers and employers. The product is supported by the Department of Health for security and privacy.

What if I my employer does not support Teams?

Should you be unable to utilise Teams, we are more than happy to carry out your appointment using an alternate platform. Please discuss this with your consultant when they make contact.

What about the security of Teams?

IPAR utilises Microsoft Teams, which is supported by the Department of Health for security and privacy. IPAR also ensures that the maximum security processes are adhered to when scheduling appointments. This means having automated passwords, random meeting ID’s, and making use of the ‘waiting room’ setting. IPAR has also elected that no data will leave the shores of Australia.

For further information about the security of Microsoft Teams, please read this webpage which provides an overview of security features and compliance measures built into the platform.

What happens if I cannot get Teams to work?

We are here to help. If you are having issues setting up a Teams account or connecting to a meeting, please contact your consultant and they will help you to get set up.

What happens if I experience technical difficulties at the time of my appointment?

If you cannot connect to Teams, then please call your consultant immediately so that they can assist you to access your session. If your video session still does not work, your appointment will be conducted over the phone.

Need help?

Please talk to your IPAR Consultant if you have any further questions.