Beyond Cancer Summary Paper

IPAR’s Beyond Cancer program was developed to address a gap in breast cancer survivorship care. Co-developed by IPAR and Curtin and Monash Universities, the rehabilitation program includes health coaching for cancer survivors, employer education and support, collaboration with treatment providers and return-to-work planning and monitoring.

A recent feasibility study published in Current Oncology demonstrated preliminary evidence for Beyond Cancer’s effectiveness and high levels of acceptability for supporting breast cancer survivors to return to work and wellness. The study was undertaken by a research team comprised of academics, industry experts, occupational rehabilitation, and voice of the consumer, and was funded by the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

We’ve made a summary paper of the study available, so that it’s easier for people to understand the program aims, method, and importantly, the results that have been produced. The study’s findings include improvements in work capacity and return to work status, and a statistically significant improvement in 8 out of the 11 biopsychosocial (biological, psychological, and social) factors studied.

Some of the key areas of improvement included:

  • Physical fatigue improved by 23.5%
  • Pain improved by 24.2%
  • Expectations to work in the near future improved by 18.5%
  • Health beliefs improved by 17.8%

At IPAR, we’re proud to offer Beyond Cancer to breast cancer survivors as part of our commitment to helping people return to work and wellness. Download the summary paper or contact Georgina Lamb via for more information on this ground-breaking program.