Early return to work after a workplace injury is in everybody’s best interest

IPAR Same Employer Services commence with an assessment of an individual’s situation to ensure that further services are appropriate and aligned to the specific needs of the case. We use proven and validated biopsychosocial tools to assess risks and barriers. The subsequent return to work plan includes recommendations that are specific, goal oriented, time bound, and target the earliest possible return to work or return to full capacity.

IPAR’s tertiary qualified consultants are skilled in communicating with treating health professionals, employers, insurers and injured individuals, and have established knowledge of typical injury recovery timeframes. We utilise influencing strategies to align the expectations of all parties in regard to capacity and recovery as the recovery process progresses. Our consultants negotiate with stakeholders to upgrade certification ensuring return to work is achieved safely and is durable.

Our Same Employer Services include:

  • Early intervention programs
  • Workplace assessments
  • Graduated return to work plans
  • Stuck claims packages
  • Long term claims resolution programs
  • Functional capacity evaluations
  • Medical liaison and case conferencing

Across every service, IPAR ensures regular and systematic communication, combined with concise and clear reporting, to ensure that all parties remain aware of case status and progress towards the end goal.