How to join a Teams meeting on PC or Laptop

1. Open your meeting invite and join via the link

2. Once you open your invite link, you will have 3 options. You will be able to connect using Teams/Microsoft Teams desktop app if you already have it installed, or you can select ‘continue on this browser’ to join the meeting in your web browser (no extra installation is needed if you select this option)

How to set up Teams on an iPhone/Android device

1. After selecting the link in the invite, you will be presented with the following screen

2. You can either follow the link or directly go to the ‘Apple App Store (iOS)/Google Play Store (Android)’ and search ‘Microsoft Teams’ and download

3. Once downloaded, open the app

4. Press ‘Sign up’ in the bottom left corner

5. Enter your email address, first name and last name and press ‘I agree to the Terms of Service’ and press ‘Sign up

6. An activation email will be sent to your email address, click ‘Activate account

7. Enter your first name, last name, and password details and click ‘Continue.

After you launch, you have two options. You can select “Join” . If you would like to log in and start or schedule your own meeting, click on the + sign.

Signing documentation

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