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Celebrating 20 years of IPAR: 2003-2023

June 2023: We are proud to commence a celebration of 20 years of IPAR, recognising the difference our people and services have made in the lives of many over the past two decades. 20 years is a significant celebration for our business and represents the passion, commitment and hard work of hundreds of IPAR people, especially the team we have today.

In 2003, IPAR started in a small office with a big idea to improve outcomes within the occupational rehabilitation industry. IPAR quickly became one of the fastest growing companies in Australia, making it to the BRW Fastest Growing Companies list for three consecutive years.

Even with rapid growth, we never lost sight of our core purpose: to improve outcomes. We are proud to provide exceptional care to our clients, customers and people. This has always been at the heart of our culture and remains so today.

Over the next 12 months, we will be highlighting the work of our people and sharing the amazing stories that have come from our business: stories of inspiring IPAR careers, remarkable client outcomes, trusted customer partnerships and the amazing contributions IPAR has made to the industry. We will also be working ever closer with our charity partners, Ronald McDonald House Charities and Invictus Australia to continue to make a difference in our community.

To our customers, clients and people: thank you for being part of the IPAR journey and thank you for your support in making our business what it is today.