Re-thinking Recovery global recognition and data analysis

We are thrilled to announce that IPAR’s Re-thinking Recovery service has been featured in a recently released international discussion paper titled “Making Pain Education Better: historical underpinnings & recent innovations” authored by globally respected experts Professor Lorimer Moseley (University of South Australia) and Professor Cormac Ryan (Teesside University, UK).

Available for download from the PETAL Collaboration website, this thought-provoking paper delves into the complexities of pain perception, its psychosocial impact, and proposes a holistic framework for comprehensive pain education.

The paper also discusses some very promising results from our Re-thinking Recovery service and we have summarised some key highlights below:

“Rethinking Recovery is not a pain management programme and does not aim to be one. The focus is on attaining specific learning objectives through both immersive embodied experiences and active learning strategies. Those learning objectives were identified by recovered consumers to be most helpful for their own recovery”

“…in this case the IPAR Re-thinking Recovery occupational rehabilitation VR-enhances pain education program – seems to offer important clinical benefits at a fraction of the cost of specialist pain services and with shorter delay between referral and episode of care”

“One might suggest that such new wave pain education should at least be seen as an important step in the pathway of returning people with disabling chronic pain to work”

“…programs such as IPARs Rethinking Recovery take a compelling body of evidence and build a new wave pain education intervention which, no doubt will be reviewed, refined, and updated, upon review of data”

“Early examples of VR-enhanced new wave education (such as IPAR’s Rethinking Recovery)… give good reason to be optimistic: pain severity, interference and pain-related self-efficacy outcomes – the most important mediators of wellbeing improvements – seem comparable to that being achieved by specialist pain services … at a fraction of the time and economic investment…”

If you would like to know more about how Re-thinking Recovery is improving recovery outcomes for those impacted by persistent pain please email or contact National Manager of Pain and Recovery Services Aaron Bowes.