IPAR Appointed to Medibank’s Garrison Health Services Rehabilitation Panel

IPAR has been appointed by Medibank Health Solutions to a provider panel to supply Rehabilitation Healthcare Services to Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel as part of Medibank’s Garrison Health Services (GHS).

This major appointment will see IPAR assist injured or ill ADF personnel to recover and return to work and wellbeing. Whether the services support ADF personnel to return to ADF employment, or transition to the civilian work environment, IPAR is honoured to give back to those ADF personnel who serve and protect us every day.

In anticipation of the increase in services referred through the GHS rehabilitation panel, IPAR will be appointing additional rehabilitation specialists across their national office network. These specialists will join the ever-expanding IPAR team, all of whom will benefit from a growing number of career development and promotional opportunities resulting from this new panel appointment.

For further information on the GHS rehabilitation panel appointment, please contact National Account Manager, Alison McIlveen on amcilveen@ipar.com.au or 0448 180 535.

For further information about career opportunities within the IPAR team, please contact careers@ipar.com.au

IPAR Continues Career Transition Assistance for ADF in 2017/18

IPAR’s work in assisting military personnel to make a smooth and successful transition to civilian employment will continue in the new financial year after having their appointment to the Career Transition Assistance Scheme (CTAS) panel for 2017/18 confirmed.

Under the CTAS panel, IPAR delivers the Job Search Preparation Program (JSPP) to Australian Defence Force members who have served less than 18 years. The program aims to support transitioning members gain suitable and sustainable employment that is a right match for the individual.

A key component of the program is upskilling members in the difference between military and civilian roles and organisational structure, and illustrating how the skills learnt in the military can be translated and are of benefit to the civilian working world. Members are empowered and motivated by experienced trainers who are passionate about breaking down employment barriers and seeing successful outcomes for their participants.

JSPP will be provided in all regions across Australia via IPAR’s national office network and we look forward to continuing to add to the impressive program results achieved to date.

For further information on our panel appointment, please contact National Military Account Manager, Alison McIlveen on amcilveen@ipar.com.au or 0448 180 535.

Successful Panel Appointment – Occupational Rehabilitation and Associated Medical Services (ORAMS)

IPAR is delighted to announce that we have been appointed to the Occupational Rehabilitation and Associated Medical Services (ORAMS) panel which commenced on 1 November 2016.

The appointment will see IPAR delivering early intervention and rehabilitation services across 24 regions to a number of government agencies, including:

• The Australian Taxation Office
• Commonwealth Department of Human Services
• Department of Defence
• Department of Border Control and Immigration
• Directorate of Public Prosecutions
• Department of Social Services
• Department of Environment and Energy
• Department of Veterans Affairs

Key to our successful appointment was our strong complement of Comcare accredited staff, our significant experience in partnering with government agencies for consistent services and superior return to work outcomes, and our extensive and complementary geographic footprint.

The appointment will provide even further opportunity to streamline our service offering and boost our Comcare growth plans, and will present new and exciting career development opportunities for our teams.

To find out more, please contact Alana Levin, National Account Manager on 03 8648 0960 or alevin@ipar.com.au.

ADF Career Transition and Assistance Scheme (CTAS)

IPAR has been successfully appointed to the panel to provide Career Transition and Assistance Scheme (CTAS) services for the Australian Defence Force.

IPAR’s extensive experience in assisting individuals who are seeking new employment was key to our appointment. Over the past year alone, IPAR has assisted over 2,000 individuals in the job seeking process, including those working in military and paramilitary organisations and the Australian Public Service. Another factor was our extensive, national office network, which means that the vast majority of CTAS services from IPAR will be delivered face-to-face, in an established IPAR office.

In anticipation of the panel commencement, IPAR has been working closely with the ADF to ensure the right internal processes are in place to deliver a client-centred and quality service for ADF members, enabling us to identify their needs and assist them in the transition to the next chapter of their career and lives. IPAR consultants have participated in training so they understand the ‘ADF way’ and the unique challenges faced by members as they move through the transition from military to non-military life. We have also designated ADF CTAS Account Managers and Subject Matters Experts across Australia, so each ADF member can be assured that our consultants are trained and supported by either an ex ADF member (who is employed by IPAR) or a staff member who has extensive experience working with military personnel.

IPAR understands that some members require assistance in multiple areas, therefore our services are tailored and unique to each individual. Services can include developing a career transition plan, job search assistance and advice, CV preparation, interview upskilling and practise, and learning how to translate their skills and qualifications to the civilian world.

For further information on CTAS services from IPAR, please refer to ADF Career Transition Services or email adftransition@ipar.com.au.


Suncorp Panel Appointment

IPAR has been successfully appointed to Suncorp’s national panel for the provision of rehabilitation services to their workers compensation, CTP and Life Insurance divisions.

This formal appointment follows our interim position on the panel over the last 12 months, and is a testament to our team’s ability to deliver results which best meet Suncorp’s business requirements.

The appointment provides a significant growth opportunity for IPAR and is an exciting milestone for our New South Wales offices in particular, where we are now on all five agent panels.

“I am proud of the team’s work over the past 12 months and know that their commitment will only strengthen with our formal appointment,” said Ben O’Neill, General Manager. “We look forward to a successful partnership with Suncorp and the growth opportunities that it will provide for our organisation and team members.”

3 more significant tender wins!

IPAR has finished off 2014 and commenced 2015 on a superb note with a number of significant panel appointments.

allianzLate last year, we were appointed to Allianz’s panel in Tasmania, a particularly pleasing result given that we had opened our first Tasmanian office in April of 2014. Allianz insure approximately two thirds of all employers in Tasmania, so this appointment gives us a great opportunity to significantly grow our business in Tasmania, where we now have offices in both Launceston and Hobart.


QBEWe were also successful in being reappointed to the QBE panel in New South Wales and Victoria, and were appointed as a new panel provider for QBE in Northern Territory, which presents a significant opportunity to further grow our Darwin office.


workcover_queensland_logoContinuing the good news into 2015 is our re-appointment just last week to the WorkCover Queensland panel. This was a highly competitive tender process which saw the number of providers on the panel reduced from over 200 to 37. This outstanding result will enable our continued growth in the Sunshine state, where our network now extends across 12 locations.

Allianz logo

Allianz panel reappointment

We are delighted to announce our reappointment to the Allianz DEC Workplace Rehabilitation panel following a rigorous tender process.

Allianz TMF act as the claims agent for the NSW Department of Education and Communities (DEC). DEC is the largest employer in the Southern Hemisphere with a significant state-wide geographic footprint.

We are looking forward to working with the DEC and Allianz, across our own geographic footprint, to support DEC’s injured employees make a successful and sustainable return to work.

Asciano tender win


IPAR has been successful in gaining an ongoing Tender with Asciano.

Asciano are a National based employer ( Self Insured -Comcare and Worker Comp Insurer) who look after Rail and Freight related services. They have recently expanded to include Patrick Stevedores.

Thanks go to the IPAR staff who are currently working on Asciano for their great work and we look forward to broadening our ongoing working relationship.

IPAR and Allianz – The Partnership Continues

allianz-150-x-150-pxWe are very pleased to announce that IPAR has once again been selected to be part of the Managed Funds panel with Allianz.

This panel reappointment is in recognition of our outstanding service delivery and outcomes.

Ben O’Neill, NSW State Manager, stated “we have continued to develop and maintain an excellent partnership with Allianz and worked extremely diligently to demonstrate that we truly understand what our customers need and how effective we are in providing those services.”

CGU NSW Expands IPAR’s Coverage

CGU-150-x-150-pxWe are very pleased to announce that after a recent review of their Network Service Provider arrangements, CGU has significantly expanded the services provided and the geographies covered by IPAR to their NSW workers compensation business.

NSW State Manager, Ben O’Neill stated “another panel win in NSW is further evidence of the great work our teams have been providing and in particular further evidence of the outstanding RTW results we have been producing. It is a great thing for the hard work of our guys to be rewarded like this.”

In the coming weeks we will be looking forward to announcing a number of new branch openings including Adelaide, Wollongong, Ballarat and Canberra which we hope will further cement our position as not only one of the best performing providers in the sector but one with the best geographic footprint.