IPAR and Invictus Australia partnership goes beyond sport

Joel Vanderzwan (Veteran and Invictus Games competitor), Peta Siggers (IPAR Veteran Experience Manager), Michael Hartung (CEO, Invictus Australia) and Jo Broomhall (IPAR Executive General Manager) at the official launch of the partnership

Current and former servicemen and women face untold challenges, from combat exposure to difficulties transitioning from military to civilian life. IPAR is proud to offer tailored services to support the health and wellbeing of Australia’s 580,000+ veterans and their families. However, with 6,000 veterans transitioning out of the Australian Defence Force every year, it is vital that we continue to develop our offering.

We are proud to announce our new partnership with Invictus Australia, which will provide more support to our veterans and their families.

Invictus Australia is operated by the organisers of the Invictus Games, the multi-sport spectacle that inspires recovery, rehabilitation and understanding of the wounded. Invictus Australia carries the legacy of the Games in local communities, making sure all veterans and their families can benefit from involvement with sporting communities.

We will be working closely with Invictus Australia to increase awareness, understanding and appreciation of the Australian veterans and families that they exist to serve. The partnership will see more sport and recreational opportunities, events and resources available for the Defence community.

Invictus Australia will bring their sporting expertise and connections to the partnership, to help facilitate local initiatives, through its extensive network of sporting partners. IPAR will provide support for local activations around the country, helping to facilitate and communicate sport and recreational opportunities to their audience of veterans.

Jo Broomhall, Executive General Manager of IPAR said:

“Our partnership with Invictus Australia is all about supporting veterans and their families in practical ways that truly make a difference, whether it’s through improved access to local sporting activity and the many physical and mental health benefits that flow from it, or by creating meaningful connections to the local Invictus community. We will leverage this partnership to help veterans find or reignite their passion for sport and integrate this into their unique rehabilitation and reintegration journey for themselves and their family.”

Michael Hartung, Chief Executive Officer of Invictus Australia said:

“We are delighted to partner with IPAR to share our expertise in the sporting arena, and together show real collaboration in action to deliver better outcomes for veterans and their families. We know the powerful role sport can play in the recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration of our veterans and their families, and look forward to working with the extensive IPAR network across Australia to deliver upon our shared passion and purpose to support all those who have, and continue to serve our country.”

View the media release here.