New to the award-winning Positivum™ program: Positivum™ COVID Support

Individuals, employers and insurers are grappling with emerging cases and risk of Long COVID. Not all COVID claims will develop Long COVID, but for those that do, it is important to be able to accurately capture and triage the individuals, in order to deliver needs-based services and support people back to work and function.

In response, IPAR has adapted the award-winning Positivum™ biopsychosocial assessment and health coaching program specifically to the needs of individuals with Long COVID.

Positivum™ COVID Asssessment

This assessment measures a variety of psychosocial factors that may increase the risk of Post Acute COVID Syndrome (PACS). It obtains a measure of baseline function, informs the level and type of ongoing engagement, and identifies key psychosocial barriers to participating in relevant interventions and services. The assessment measures:

  • Recovery expectations
  • Health and work beliefs
  • Employer perceptions
  • Illness perceptions
  • Fatigue
  • Daily functioning
  • Barriers to daily activities
  • Coping skills

Low scores in the assessment signify a ‘yellow flag’ for that particular psychosocial domain and are indicative that extra support may be needed to improve prognosis. Importantly, the assessment can be easily repeated at key rehabilitation stages to provide an indication of progress and change.

Positivum™ COVID Health Coaching

This evidence-based online health coaching program has been specifically designed by MedHealth and Monash University to support people post COVID diagnosis. Integrated into rehabilitation services and delivered by IPAR Allied Health professionals, the program content is continually reviewed and updated with emerging COVID literature and evidence.

Created with behavioural insights and adult learning principles, health coaching modules are tailored to the individual client’s needs. Content includes:

  • Tackling unhelpful illness beliefs and perceptions
  • Work and functional goal setting
  • Living with a COVID diagnosis
  • Fatigue and pain management
  • Worker and employer perceptions

For further information on IPAR’s Positivum™ COVID Support program, please contact your nearest IPAR office or email