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COVID Matters Newsletter Edition 4

The latest edition of our COVID Matters newsletter sees IPAR once again partner with MedHealth and mlcoa to bring you ‘bite size’ summaries of some of the most pertinent research in the medical industry, and in particular what the experts are saying about COVID-19 and its ongoing impact in, and on, the workplaces of Australia.

In this latest edition, we look into the complexity of long COVID in the workplace. While COVID-19 symptoms may fade relatively quickly for most, some people are suffering long-term effects. The time it takes to get well from COVID-19 is different for each person, and it can also depend on whether they have any other existing health conditions.

It’s difficult to accurately predict the long-term outcomes for people with long COVID as much is still unknown. People may experience symptoms for many weeks, months or even years. Instances of long COVID are increasing and causing some employees to suffer from long-term side effects that impact them at work.

In this issue, we look at four interesting papers about long COVID, drawing out some of the research and information, and its workplace implications.

Please view COVID Matters edition 04 here.

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