5 Star result for IPAR South Australia

IPAR-5-Star-SA-Rating-MOO15071The South Australian Star Rating results have been announced by ReturnToWork SA. IPAR has been awarded the highest possible 5 Star Rating for pre-injury return to work services (one of only two providers to achieve this result). This measure takes into account RTW results (measured as liability reduction), case cost and case duration and has been shown to be very robust.

This is a significant achievement for our South Australian team, particularly as a relative new-comer to the market. Since the establishment of our Adelaide office in late 2013, we have applied our renowned focus on achieving positive outcomes for our customers, and this independently measured 5 Star result is a reflection of this commitment.

IPAR Managing Director, David Sagar states, “this is a great achievement and now places us as one of the two highest performing providers for same employer services in both SA and Victoria – the only two states where this performance is independently measured.”

If you are looking for a 5 Star return to work service, please contact Kate Johnson, Regional Manager on (08) 8100 5100, or to make a referral please go to the online referral page of this website or email details to rehab@ipar.com.au