IPAR Awarded BRW Fast 100 Status

IPAR’s outstanding growth was recognised when it made the BRW Magazine’s Fast 100 List for 2011 – coming in at position 51. The BRW Fast 100 list ranks Australia’s fastest growing public and private, small and medium businesses, and is based on growth rates over the previous three years.

IPAR’s Managing Director, David Sagar, emphasises that the most gratifying aspect of being recognised in the BRW Fast 100 List is not so much the growth itself, but more what he believes it says about the quality of the service IPAR provides.

It’s our belief that the single strongest contributor to growing our business is how well we deliver services  for our customers – if they like what we do they will keep coming back, and new customers will be drawn to our offering through word-of-mouth. We think our growth rates are an indicator of customer satisfaction.”